Fox kids socks

Fox Socks2


11,5-12,5 (US)


Socks yarn (75-80% wool 20-25% polyamide), skein: 50g,210m
Dark Blue, Light Blue and a little black, orange, white yarn.


US 1 ½  (2,5mm)


With the DARK BLUE (DB), cast on 44 stitches to three double pointed needles.
Round 1: k2, p2
Repeat this row 11 more times.

LEGFox pattern

With the Light Blue
(LB) and work Fox Pattern.



Change to the DB Knit 11 sts, turn work. Purl 22 sts. For this section, you will be working back and forth on just these 22 stitches. Arrange the stitches so that the 22 heel Flap stitches are on one needle. Put the remaining 22 stitches on hold on another needle. heel

Row1: slip stitch purl wise, knit 1. Turn work.
Row2: slip first stitch purl wise, purl to end of row. Turn work.
Repeat these two rows 5 more times, for a total of 6 repetitions. (12 rows total)


Row1: Knit 13sts, ssk, k1, turn.
Row2: Sl1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn.
Row3: Sl1, k6, ssk, k1, turn.
Row4: Sl1, p7, p2tog, p1, turn.
Row5: Sl1, k8, ssk, k1, turn.
Row6: Sl1, p9, p2tog, p1, turn.
Row7: Sl1, k10, ssk, k1, turn.
Row8: Sl1, p11, p2tog, p1, turn.
   (total 14 stitches)


Knit across the 14 heel stitches. The same needle (needle1) picks up 8 stitches along the heel flap. (22 stitches) With a new needle (needle2), knit across the 22 stitches that have been on hold. With another new needle (needle3), pick up 8 stitches along the other side of the heel flap. And, still with needle 3, knit 7 stitches from needle1. (needle1:15, needle2:22, needle3:15) Row1: first needle: knit to 3 sts from end of the needle, k2tog, k1. second needle: knit to end of third needle: k1, ssk, knit to end of round. Row2: knit to end of round change to the Light Blue (LB) Repeat these two rows 1 more. Change to the LB and repeat 2more times.


Knit 1 round. Change to the DB and continue knit. Pay attention for the stripes. foot


Change to the DB
Row1: First needle: knit to 3 sts from end of the needle, k2tog, k1.
second needle: k1, ssk, knit to 3 sts from end of needle k2tog, k1.
Row2: knit to end of round
Repeat these two rows 4 more times.
Repeat first row until there are 4 stitches per needle, 8 stitches total cut the yarn and graft toe closed.
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